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Here’s a little information on my philosophy with health and fitness

First off I really enjoy being active. No lie when I say that I get a kick out of taking the stairs while some others chose to cruise on the escalator. Sometimes I even allow myself the opportunity to reenact the “Rocky” scene while I wait at the top. It’s not called gloating if you encourage other’s to hustle along with you as well. With me, it’s all about the everyday stuff- The small simple victories that make me realize how much good energy I invest into my wealth of health. Like others I feel sore at times, get sick and knocked down but at the end of it, I’m up again. I’ve chosen health, happiness as my main companions through life and I feel like they rarely take a day off from hanging out. In my humble opinion very little compares to that kind of fortune.

What I’m passionate about is finding ways to strengthen the body, mind and spirit with challenging activity that reenact everyday movement. Working out doesn’t have to be in a gym, with all the tools built and provided for you. It’s nice to have that kind of luxury and equipment but it isn’t necessary to achieve good health. What we own as individuals is sufficient enough to get an excellent exercise routine going. Our bodies have weight on them and we are constantly lifting that weight. We don’t really put too much thought into but it’s HOW we move that weight around and HOW OFTEN we do it that makes all the difference. I believe in the idea that you can work with what you have, as hard as you can and the results will be present. The more you challenge your body and mind, the more you learn what you are capable of. The more hurdles we hop, with smoother each leap becomes.

I am a “Personal trainer” but I believe that we all have moments during the day where we can learn from each other. Life just happens to be the toughest trainer ever and it’s where I get my inspiration from. It constantly asks for our full commitment to successfully get through it’s challenges, where Life is and will be the one most grueling training session that we’ll ever experience. If we don’t step up and out of our comfort zone, we just end up repeating the same mistakes and with the same terrible form till we get injured over again. We need to keep moving forward, constantly progress and gain strength in the process. Feeling strong goes beyond visible muscle mass like having big biceps or glutes. Strength is what we possess when we are proud to be who we are as individuals. It’s everything that we do with life and the small but significant steps we take towards bettering ourselves. Once we feel strong enough, we can pass those lessons on to others, they onto others and so on. That flow of energy, is what I believe makes us powerful in mind, body and spirit. It’s what makes us live to be there for one another like we are for ourselves.

Tell me what we have to work with and I’ll tell you what our options are. To be clear, as long as It’s within my scope of practice I’ll do what I can to help, but we don’t need much to get you on your way to bettering yourself.

Please keep reading my blogs every so often and leave comments. It’s awesome to get feedback and ideas for future posts.

Thank you very much.


Benjamin Florian Dussault