Resolution Mother

My new year celebration has passed and is inching towards becoming just another number I forgot to write properly the first 2 weeks into it. It is in fact as some say “another year”, not much really changes in day to day life. Im not sure I remember having concrete resolutions this time… upon further reflection, I didn’t and I now remember why.

It might have a little something to do with previously taking 11 months and 31 days to swallow tennis ball sized guilt  for not having done what I said I would definitely do. Unfortunately Jan.1st does not offer a free turn at the clean slate switch, simply self confessing as a repeat offender  and doing it + more times. I’m over it.

What did I do different this time? There were no resolutions and yet I feel like I’m getting s*%t done. I’m productive, better organized and I feel great. I accept the mess that is me because it’s just how I’m gonna be. I’m clearer about my past patterns and love them because they’ve brought me here. I’m listening to my heart and trying to “think” less through the noise. I’m feeling my mistakes, rage filled moments and making peace with passion. I trust myself, believe that I can and will continue on whichever path I chose. I rule and therefore life can rule around me.

It’s so nice to change without forcing it to happen. If it’s in me, it most definitely lives in you. We can now all close our minds and just listen, because the music that is our soul has already wrote some of the greatest hits.

And the Emmy goes to…

Happy New Year.

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  1. JD says:

    I love reading your posts’!!! Every hyperlinked word is like a little hidden treasure. I miss you buddy!

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