(Really)STRONG AND (Really)PROUD

I just worked security at The Sound Academy during Toronto Pride’s event “Future Babylon”. I have to say that I’m still impressed and baffled at how 96 percent of all the men in attendance were in amazing physical shape. Attendance: Men- 2200+, women- maybe 100, give or take 50?

How does that happen? How is it that I see more bellies at “straight” events (pretty lame that I have to even classify this day and age. It’s pretty gay, “gay” as in negative) then I do on nights like these? I just wanna shout out those thousands that were there tonight who obviously without a doubt work extremely hard at being in peak physical shape. Maybe it’s the dancing… ?

Respect To Pride In 2009!

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  1. Ian says:

    Hey Ben, it is definitely the dancing!

    I will be back in town thurs or friday, you can email me iandawe56@hotmail.com and we can get something going before you take off on tour.

    Keep up the good work!

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