Post Weekend Events, Post Meeting New Faces, Post Workouts In Just One Post

The Artist Sanctuary at Hotel Germain Toronto was pretty sweet, it went “off” as the kids say. The event was filled with people of all trades, actors, musicians, athletes, business owners, managers, press and whatever else comes with “star” territory. People that I unfortunately have no clue about and that I mainly blame my lack of “star” knowledge on hibernation. I barely watch/listen to TV or the radio and I know I’m missing out of a whole lot of talent. Unless it’s watching The Ellen Degeneres show between chewing through breakfast and Canada’s “Etalk” at night I’m kinda clueless to that world. My significant other, the one and only Dani Kind, used to jokingly give me a hard time for never knowing who is who. My excuse was- she’s an actor and I am far from one. I’ll make more of an effort to remember, starting with the awesome attitudes behind the talent that I met over the course of the weekend.

It was those like actors Ashley Leggat and David Fraser that stood out for being cool, down to earth and easy to talk to. Same for atheletes such as Toronto FC‘s hometown man Dwayne De Rosario and his teammates that were there. TV personalities such as Zain Meghji, Rosey Edeh, Kimberly D’Eon, Devon Soltendieck and Tanya Kim. Photographers- Pete Nema and Sameer Makwana. Musicians/Song writers/performers like Samantha Shultz, Keith Harris, Mark Luongo and so on. Whatever the reason may be for being the way they were, it was genuine and it’s very nice to meet such talented, driven and polite individuals.

I spoke fitness with a bunch and for others it was just good ol’ regular chatting. Some are on a program to keep them healthy and durable for their day to day work schedules. This can include little sleep and a whole lot of traveling which when combined make for a really miserable time. These people are required to be “on” for a long part of their day and I admire how much dedication many of them put into conversing with others they may have just met for the first time. It can’t be easy when their entire system wants to shut down and just break from it all. When you’re overworked, you’ve tapped out of all natural resources for energy which keep you going. It doesn’t matter if you’re an actor or a truck driver, being tired takes it’s toll on all parts of your life.

A big thank you to those I met this weekend that made my two days what they were. You all were sweet enough to take the time to be yourselves, ask questions, listen and share your own information when asked. We’re lucky to be around great talent and generosity. Keep working hard for/on yourselves and the rest will follow.

I may be inclined to start paying closer attention to the television and radio now. May as well start with… ah I’m gonna work on this blog instead. I’ll get back to you guys later.

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