“Glaceau” and I combine forces, in one room, this weekend at The Artist Sanctuary at Le Germain Hotel Toronto. So far it’s been a pretty “healthy” relationship (pun intended).

“Glaceau”- the Vitamin Water/ Smart Water connection, has been a part of my scene for a long time. Call me a musician who exercises or a personal trainer that plays music on tour, either way the company has played a significant roll in several aspects of my life. From about the time when traveling became a constant, there was a serious need for change. From the foods or beverages I consumed to the amount of exercise I made time for, it all had to somehow fit and find its place. Some things I had to look for and plan ahead, other’s came my way naturally. I never wanted this change to feel forced, because nothing in my life at this point was out of my hands. Music and exercise fit right in, now traveling and what I put into my system had to do the same. “Smart Water” was just there one day, I couldn’t even tell you exactly how I came across it but all I know is then came the rest of the Vitamin Waters.

Being the person that I am and doing certain things a certain way, there was a need to find stuff that counteracted the “touring” lifestyle. In that sense, I’ve never been the classic musician. I wake up early, eat breakfast, drive, snack, get to the venue, load-in, snack, go on walks, snack, exercise, eat lunch, talk to fans, eat dinner, warm-up, play the show, stretch, eat cereal, talk to fans and go to bed (sigh!). My routine consists of trying to get “in” shape and better myself as opposed to losing it on tour. I train on my own primarily but also step in to help others when asked. I’ve played the role of “tour trainer” on several occasions and continue to do so. I understand the need to be healthy and surround myself with people, places, products that encourage that element of life on the road. I hold myself accountable for the things I consume but more so the words and actions I pass on to others. If I don’t back it, pack it or snack on it I certainly will not push it onto anyone else.

From 50cent’s role in the company to seeing “Glaceau” products in the fridge backstage every night, it just made sense that they had an association to music and “on-the-go” lifestyles. I would not suggest drinking vitamin water all day, nor smart water necessarily but they definitely have their time and place. “Too much of anything is not a good thing” (-F.Cricien.) Any supplement needs to be treated as such, just like protein shakes or bars they are replacing something that is needed in the body at that moment. Educate yourself on anything that you consume and when you consume it. It’s your body, be smart about it (no pun).


Thanks to Daniella, Buzz marketing director for “Glaceau” for believing in what she stands by, her people and her product. You rule and I will back you to the end. A special thanks to James Hamilton @ Offshoot and Andy Winkler for putting together amazing events. James is a dear friend who works hard at everything he does, expects nothing but the best for himself and the people around him. Check out his company and enjoy this picture of him sweating through a tough routine.

Hard minded
Come check us out during the The Artist Sanctuary at Le Germain Hotel Toronto. It’s gonna kick a**!
“my friends look out for me like family”-H2O,

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