Teach to learn, learn to teach

I’ve been fortunate enough to keep in cantact with my PROfessor, Kennedy Lodato from the “Can-Fit-Pro” personal training class I registered for and attended last year at Ryerson University. I took it as a way to make official what I was already practicing years ago and to raise the ante on the knowledge front. The experience turned out to be nothing like I had thought it would be, it was amazing! Thanks to his methods of teaching and the energy he invests into his own life and those around, it made for a exciting experience. I know it may seem like an exaggerated review of the course because really, how amazing or exciting can a class be that lasts only a few days? Well allow me try and put it into perspective-

I’m into fitness and generally into helping people. Like most of the individuals that I surround myself with, I continue to find solutions for those that have certain needs/wants but always within the boundaries that I’m familiar with. I’m concerned with the needs of others because I’ve learned from those that cared to keep me strong minded and living at my best, even if they didn’t know it at the time. Without health and a strong support system of friends/loved ones I wouldn’t be who I am today or perhaps even here at all. For most of us, anticipating a visit to an unfamiliar environment can go either way. We’ve all had positive and negative experiences when it comes to living life. Creating a new path with the potential for it to be all uphill is a reality. More often than not, we  surprise ourselves with the fact that something actually great came out of a new encounter.  To discover something like a teacher who naturally expresses passion, patience and the ability to reach out to students on a subject they know great amounts of is awesome. It’s mind-blowing! Kennedy is exactly that and more. His method isn’t forced, where teaching just happens because the knowledge and love is there. The game is set, “attitude is everything” (I quote the man himself) and you as a student either jump in to join or watch from the sides. Either way you’re never made to feel bad about your choice.

Learning comes easy in this case, it doesn’t feel heavy and the weight of the matter isn’t suddenly overbearing. Who wants to listen to a person talking that doesn’t even believe in what they’re saying? It makes me think of how many subjects I’ve looked past, scratched off my list over the years as a result of unenthusiastic teachers who made me believe it just wasn’t my thing? It kind of sucks to think about it, but it’s part of everyday life and the lesson brought me here. I’m not going to take it personal and besides it’s partially my fault for moving on.

Kennedy as a teacher and mentor falls into a category of his own. He’s created his own curriculum and it’s bled over into other peoples lives such as my own. We become more than students when learning with people like him. We are active participants in what will surely become our future because we have some control over how we’re learning the material. We’re not sitting around waiting for someone who knows nothing about us to tell us what we can or can not do, and how if we don’t understand something right away we’ll never “get it”. If we continue to encourage the flow of ideas, questioning answers and let the voice of others to be heard beyond our own I think we’d all be surprised how we have both teacher and learner qualities in all of us.

Thank you kennedy for being an inspiration to myself and other’s. I know there are others waiting to take this course that have no idea what they are stepping into. “Can-Fit-Pro” is lucky to have greatness backing them the way they do.

Check out what Kennedy is teaching in his article published by “TONIC” Toronto’s Health Magazine.


Au revoir et a la prochaine.

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  1. Gordon Ball says:

    i have actually been running everyday, and just recently started skating again. my body is killing me.

  2. Rosanne says:

    I know what you mean. I’m in day 2 of the course with Kennedy and his enthusiasm is really infectious. We are learning so much in such a compact way, and Kennedy really knows how to teach. So much fun.

  3. Ben Dussault says:

    Amazing that another student is affected in a positive way by such a great guy and teacher. Thanks for reading and commenting Rosanne.

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