Some time soon, summer.

This early in June, we’ve only yet tasted what summer could/will be like. Once we get to really put our scarves away, it’ll be on.  We’re teased with temperatures that are on the verge of pushing mid 20’s (70-80 Fahrenheit?), evenings that extend just past 8pm and we’re just barely on the edge of being done with the necessity of wearing heavy spring clothing. After 6 months of cold weather I think many of us are excited to break out our summer gear and the outdoor activities going.

I was biking back home late last night and I couldn’t help but notice how it really isn’t that warm out. While I am generally excited to just whip by cars and public transport, is it selfish of me to expect to not have to wear 3 layers while doing it? Maybe it is, but it’s June and I’m allowed to have my June expectations! I’m torn and I think we’re all stuck between seasons, between shorts or pants, skirts or sweatshirts and caps or winter hats. Maybe I’m being extreme but one minute I’m shirtless, the next I’m turning up the thermostat.

It’s nice out, no doubt about it. There is no snow, minimal rain and the sun pops up at the right time. It’s nice enough to where I can cruise over to the nearby beach at dusk or dawn and kick my shoes off to run through the sand. 45 minutes of intense terrain stomping exercise, the last thing I’m worried about is being cold but it’s definitely on my mind when my feet are numb throughout the warm-up. I may be distracted for that short period but it doesn’t mean that this season is wack free. I guess (to be positive about this whole thing, waa waa) in the end it just forces me to learn the ropes and compromise with my environment- I get to run around in it, it gets to freeze my feet. I’ll take what I can get and continue to roll with the punches.

Just sand, water and gloomy weather- perfect.

I’m not lying when I say it feels great to be outdoors. It’s amazing to breathe and not feel like my nostrils will freeze shut while doing so. I’m always excited to have this opportunity to choose where I am going to exercise and amazed at what I get to use to in my fitness routines. I’ve been meeting friends in their area and building programs that suits them the most location, time and training wise. Our options seem endless this time of year where we can pretty much do what we want and when we like it. For example some of them love to ride bikes and some to golf. Some play music, walk their dogs and cut hair on their porch. Others just love to stay on top of their game however they can. Whatever the pleasure may be we make sure the workout suits the person they are.

hammer grip pull-ups -Mike is hard as nails.

Biking/skateboarding- get working on the legs. There are sand boxes in our city’s many parks that create unstable terrain to push through, mimicking city streets after a grueling winter.
Golfing- go to work on core strength in a jungle gym, on the monkey bars. Strong backs to help pull the weight of a club. Powerful shoulders/pectoral muscles to smash a ball hundreds of yards away and strong lower back/hips/abs to hold everything together. Nothing like the pull-up, push-up, squat trio, it’s a winner.
Music and show performance- wrists and shoulders need to be strong. Exercises that require grip strength and shoulder/back/arm use are crucial, like a standing towel row. Legs as well as the upper/lower back regions are the first things to start aching during a long tour or even one short show. So a full body routine, including cardiovascular and flexibility training is much needed. This goes without a saying for anything to do with exercise, regardless of what your passion is.

Jr. and Chris stretch after their workout.

It feels good to improve not only the physical but also the functional side of life. It’s important to pay attention (warning: click at your own risk) to what our needs are and what our environment can deliver, especially right now when all is uncovered. We use what nature and the city gave us. You may find yourself doing the same thing when you’ve actually taken the time to scope it out. When there is purpose, exercise can actually be fun (exciting, interesting or whatever you want to call it. I realize the word “fun” doesn’t often translate from one person to another. What I believe to be fun, you may think sucks really bad). When the rewards are noticed right there in practice then the search to better our situation continues.

Holes in fences make for easier for Hayden to access to a good workout

So I’m encouraging everyone this summer (whatever this season feels like) to take a look and notice all the opportunities that are around. Enjoy yourselves whatever it may be and teach others to do the same along the way.

I’m outta here!

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  1. danver says:

    Hey man, read your blog. Los Angeles believe it or not has been experiencing weather like this as well. mid to low 60′s. which isnt that cold, but for june, its not a very seasonal temperature. Just thought i would let you know, that i have been on a solid workout for the past 3 weeks now. 5 days a week. Pretty proud of myself. I have found myself needing the feeling of working out, and as a result, much more positive vibes come along with it. Hope you’re doing well my friend. Hope things warm up a bit for you out there. I guess you can look at it this way, while youre working out, its nice that the weather is a little cooler. cause otherwise, you would be saying, i wish it wasnt so hot. talk soon man.


  2. mph says:

    ben! this rules. keep it up. linked you.

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