first official entry, finally!

March 4th, my mom and cousin’s b-day, first blog entry.Awesome day.

The last couple days I’ve been floating around the island that is New York City. Long Island, Queens and now Brooklyn. I’m staying with my friend Tim out here and we’ve been talking a lot about fitness and diet, big surprise!?

He’s on a new regiment; eating well, staying clean and lifting weights around his local YMCA. A great combination, in my opinion, especially for a dude that is over 30 and getting to the age where every element, be it “good” or “bad”, counts.

He’s following a program that is gym specific and it’s getting the results that he needs right now. He’s feeling better, looking better and just having fun with the exercises. There’s no real way to push that idea onto anyone unless of course it’s already kinda/sorta there to begin with.

To be fit isn’t about going to the gym, doing cardio for an hour, grabbing as much weight as you can and curling it. Being “fit” is about moving around when the option is there, like let’s say for examplen just off the top of my head… being in a city like New York!

In this environment convenience is key. We’re given choices; Taxi’s vs. walking, escalators vs. stairs, fast food vs. “Trader Joes” and so on.

The toughest options are the ones that require:

-thought (“what the heck am I going to buy at the grocery store today, and where can I even find one?”)

-patience (“how much time do I need so I can walk/run/roll/bike to my destination instead of the usual!? How far is it? Is it realistic?”)

-discipline (“when can I fit this in my already busy schedule, how long till I see results?”)

Being fit is about taking an opportunity to be active and applying it to your life on the regular. It’s not a specific look more than it is a feeling. The result of those choices is what makes you feel that certain way. That way that can only belong to you but at the same time you recognize that it’s shared by many and can be passed on to others.

I guess that’s kind of the point of all this, to live the best life you can so that those around you can benefit from it. When you feel good, other’s feel great because it’s just the way the world works.

So, much respect to my friend Tim for taking his own life back so that he can give part of it (a lot of it) to his daughter. I have a ton of respect for you and not only because you let me sleep on your couch, use your phone, eat your food and crash your computer, oops!

Listen to the new Vision of disorder Record when it comes out and for now check out Tim’s personal page.

Thanks, also Happy B-day to my mom, my cousin Julia and other rad individuals much like herself out there!


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  1. Matty Grit says:

    hi my name is matty grit. i am from windsor ontario. you just came to my city a lill while ago with madball and i must say hes a wicked drummer. also i heard freddy saying he’s from canada too? wheres abouts?

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